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Client Testimonials

#talking for change since 2007

Client AW, 41 year old female

"Having counselling was the best thing I have done for myself. I feel like I’ve started to heal and enjoy being me again. I’m so grateful for all the help, tools and support I’ve had from my counsellor. "





Client PS, 42 year old male

"It was very good to be able to talk genuinely and wholeheartedly."





Client LM, 18 year old female

"The charity has made a huge impact on me and I have recommended it to others."





Client WS, 14 year old male

"My counselling really helped me and I learnt a lot on how to see myself better. "







Client RG, 28 year old male

"Given me tools to rethink situation. Look at things more logically, from others perspective. I don't dwell on negative so much. Found it useful/helpful."





Client KP, 36 year old female

"It was fantastic support and I'm so grateful for my counsellor for helping me."





Client KS, 28 year old female

"Very Happy. Able to change my perspective. I now edit my thoughts before sharing them and can resolve them."


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